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Quinault property owners wonder about lake closure

Quinault Indian Nation officials have closed Lake Quinault to most recreational activities for non-tribal members, citing environmental concerns. The bans come just in time for the summer swimming and boating season, and local business owners are beginning to worry about the closure’s affect on summer profits as vacationers start to take their business elsewhere.

Many property owners along the lake say they are unsure about why the lake was closed, as the tribe hasn’t offered evidence of significant pollution.


Dear Abby 6/25

Dear Abby: My husband and I invite our friends for dinner quite often, and invitations are always accepted. Recently, I began to notice that we are never invited to some of their homes for dinner.

I know entertaining isn’t for everyone, but they do entertain other people — just not us. I’m not sure why this is. We would never go empty-handed. If we weren’t asked to bring a dessert or an appetizer, we would at least bring a bottle of wine to thank our hosts, and I’d help to clear the dishes and straighten the kitchen when the meal is over.


Westport’s Rusty Scupper’s Pirate Daze goes through Sunday

Some pirates are more fearsome than others. This not-so-fearsome lineup competed in the kids costume contest Saturday at Rusty Scupper’s Pirate Daze in Westport. The three-day event takes place along Westhaven Drive at the Westport Marina. The celebration, includes music and other entertainment, games for kids, costume contests and lots of food and beverage choices all three days. It goes until about 10 Saturday night and lasts all day Sunday, concluding at 5 p.m. Some Sunday highlights: The professional pirates, wenches and scalawags costume contest at 10:45; the salty dog animal costume contest at 11:45; black powder demonstration at noon and at least a half dozen belly dancing performances throughout the day.


Dear Abby 6/20

Dear Abby: I have been with my fiance for four years. He is 32, I’m 23. He is Catholic and I am Jewish. When I met him, I wasn’t particularly religious, but since planning a trip to Israel and after studying under a rabbi, I have become more religious.

I now keep kosher and try to be as close to Orthodox as I can. I eventually want an Orthodox Jewish home and for my children to be raised Jewish. But every time I try to discuss this with him, he nods his head and says in a sarcastic tone, “Uh-huh.”


Give a gift with some Pop!

OK, kids, take note: There are certain things dads don’t want for Father’s Day — a tie, flowers, live plants or anything that makes household chores easier, such as an electric screwdriver or nifty new shovel.

Dads are generally simple guys with simple needs — like a six-pack of beer and five hours of peace and quiet to watch the final round of the U.S. Open.