Across the seas to help them see

Overseas, on one of the 7,107 islands of the Republic of the Philippines, live two brothers in their late 20s. Both had assumed they would be legally blind all of their lives, the world a blurry haze of shapes, light and colors. But one day a bus arrived. Inside they received free examinations and a gift that will change their lives forever: prescription glasses.

“You just can’t beat that,” said Dr. James Weyrich, a local optometric physician, of that moment and the many other miraculous moments he has experienced working as part of his non-profit organization, EyeCare WeCare Foundation Inc., based in Montesano, where he and his wife, Mary Ellen live. Weyrich is president of the Aberdeen Lions Club and the Lions Club International Foundation offered a grant to his “vision mission,” which most recently traveled to Olongapo City — adjacent to Subic Bay in the Province of Zambales.